Yawei Stop Cutting Line Machine

Yawei has launched a new product in category of Automatic type machine, The New Yawei Machine have a technology for sheet metal is realized by using the mechanical properties of the highly reliable high quality level of the whole line adopts imported scale system, which can realize fine determine long sheet metal, friendly man-machine interface to ensure that the operation is convenient .

The Electric Control Unit

  1. Using Siemens PLC control system
  2. The field bus communication
  3. Single shear
  4. Automatic cycle
  5. Loop control
  6. Counting
  7. Stepless speed regulation and other functions
This Stop Cutting Line Machine Have so many Advantages as follows:

Storage unit

  1. Pneumatic discharge with width limit, automatic film material
  2. Can make the scale shear of steel plate and tidy after stacking
  3. Combined with lifting platform can be neatly stacking steel plate to the packaging
  4. And other areas to work

Shear unit

  1. Cooperate with all control for precise high-speed shearing
  2. Adopt mechanical pneumatic clutch type shearing machine
  3. The gap between the blade can be adjusted quickly
  4. Adapt to different thickness

Length unit

  • Germany lenz double encoder closed-loop control system was adopted in order to realize high precision length

  • Leveling unit

    1. Mainly used for straightening plate
    2. make plate with straight
    3. with the maximum amount of eliminating plate stress
    4. uniform stress distribution
      • - Roll cassette design
      • - Complete set of straightening roll system can take out
      • - Side to facilitate cleaning and roll change

    Open book unit

    1. Bearing steel coil to carry on the functions of decoiling
    2. initial wear belt
    3. active decoiling
    4. normal operation
    5. the passive uncoiling