Yawei Pendulum Shear Line

Pendulum shear line

Yawei has launched a new product in category of Automatic type machine, The New Yawei Machine have a technology use electromagnetic stacking machine adopts roll cassette straightening machine structure configuration, ensure the quality of high quality automotive panel; Fly pendulum shear can easily switch straight knife, curved knife with accurate swing Angle to realize high precision special-shaped plate shear.

The Electric Control Unit

  1. Using special pendulum shear control system
  2. Realization of the change
  3. CAM switch
  4. Synchronous area cosine compensation
  5. Shear data records
  6. Batch switch and other special functions
  7. Cooperate with Siemens PLC control system
  8. Realize the logic operation
    • - Process planning
    • - Motion control
This Stop Cutting Line Machine Have so many Advantages as follows:

Electromagnetic stacking unit

  1. Equipment behind the belt conveyor
  2. The received from conveyor belt product, and the suspension of feeding to stacking area, finally through the magnet demagnetization neat pallet
  3. With functions of automatic counting and digital devices
  4. Communication with PLC
  5. Digital display directly on the man-machine

Shear unit

  1. Cooperate with scale pinch institutions
  2. Will be set according to the size of the strip in the movement of precision shearing
  3. Two floating anti-backlash die cutter knife
  4. The knife mould fast lock
  5. Quick invention patent technology such as tool change
  6. Angle of shear plate
    • - Diamond
    • - Parallelogram
    • - Trapezoidal

Leveling unit

  1. Mainly used for straightening plate
  2. make plate with straight
  3. with the maximum amount of eliminating plate stress
  4. uniform stress distribution
    • - Roll cassette design
    • - Complete set of straightening roll system can take out
    • - Side to facilitate cleaning and roll change