Yawei Composite wire

Composite wire

Yawei has launched a new product in category of Automatic type machine, The New Yawei Machine have a technology use Composite wire has a fine scale shear and sectional winding function, can be all kinds of coil after uncoiling, leveling, scale shear automatic stacker, coil after slitting machine slitting will also be high speed take-up. For enterprise use different specifications sheet, can pacify feet shear and efficient composite article points the coiling, greatly improve the efficiency of the equipment.

The Electric Control Unit

  1. Using special SPMD flying shear control system
  2. Realization of the change
  3. CAM switch
  4. Synchronous area cosine compensation
  5. Shear data records
  6. Batch switch and other special functions
  7. Cooperate with Siemens PLC control system
  8. Realize the logic operation
    • - Process planning
    • - Motion control
This Stop Cutting Line Machine Have so many Advantages as follows:

Storage unit

  1. Pneumatic discharge with width limit, automatic film material
  2. Can make the scale shear of steel plate and tidy after stacking
  3. Combined with lifting platform can be neatly stacking steel plate to the packaging
  4. And other areas to work

Shear unit

  1. Cooperate with all control for precise high-speed shearing
  2. Adopt mechanical pneumatic clutch type shearing machine
  3. The gap between the blade can be adjusted quickly
  4. So as to adapt to different thickness

Leveling unit

  1. Mainly used for straightening plate
  2. Make plate with straight
  3. With the maximum amount of eliminating plate stress
  4. Uniform stress distribution

Open book unit

  1. Bearing steel coil to carry on the functions of decoiling
  2. Initial wear belt
  3. Active decoiling
  4. Normal operation
  5. The passive uncoiling

Article points the unit

  1. Slitting machine is to longitudinal shearing strip coil into various width of the equipment
  2. Through changing combined casing
  3. Flexible change shear finished width
  4. Knife shaft adjustment with the shaft fixed
  5. Accurately control the clearance between the shaft and the shaft
  6. Top and bottom knife axis adopt as axial fastening