Yawei has launched a new product in category of Turret Punching Machine, The New Yawei Machine have a High-efficiency electric servo punch head, can reach 2000 cpm, equipped with Automatic chip collection. This machine have Independent drive for upper and lower turrets, easy to change toolings also big storage of toolings: 64 stations. Yawei technology also has the following advantages.

Touch the man-machine interface
  1. With 17 inch touch human-machine interface, in view of the punch design, simple operation, powerful functions
      Also Supported with:
    • - Integrated graphics
    • - offline simulation
    • - dynamic simulation
    • - mold contrast special functions such as punch
This Universal High-efficiency CNC Mechanical Servo Turret Punching Machines Have so many Advantages as follows:

Adopt the double bar

  1. Serve to drive the crankshaft connecting rod mechanism
  2. Servo motor with hollow structure
  3. Reduce the transmission load inertia
  4. Benefit for efficient movement system
  5. Stamping speed faster
  6. In addition the application of gap compensation device can effectively eliminate internal clearance

Programmable automatic identification

  1. Program automatic identification plate processing requirements
  2. According to the best place to adjust the clamp position
  3. Without having to manually in adjustment
  4. Overall structure of floating sheet can adapt to real-time status in the stamping process automatically adjust height
  5. Avoid rigid bearing

Rotary table structure

  1. Turret USES high strength alloy steel casting
  2. Clamping precision processing
  3. Oxidation resistance and bearing capacity is strong
  4. Vibration absorbing and precision guidance performance is remarkable
  5. Stamping process is not easy to appear the phenomenon such as card mode
  6. Pick up

Vacuum waste

  1. Will fall in the punching machine tool bin closed
  2. Adopts the vacuum pump will be closed cavity after air time to form internal and external pressure difference
  3. Downward for punching waste
  4. Avoid waste recovery

Automatic down small material

  1. System control cutting order
  2. Cancel the micro connection greatly reduce the workload of follow-up
  3. The other interactive collection device for the conveyer end
  4. Expand the collection capacity

On three head

  1. Provide the Chinese and foreign three corresponding three times of turret location
  2. Reduce stamping partial load condition
  3. Improve the quality of workpiece processing

Under the rapid loading and unloading

  1. Unique U gap
  2. Without changing of the mold
  3. More convenient to use
  4. Humanized mould device of big station automatically
  5. Reduce the intensity of operator work fast loading and unloading

Y axis driving system

  1. Y axis adopt gantry biaxial synchronous drive control
  2. Mature synchronous control technology with stronger power configuration make stronger dynamic response ability
  3. Adapt to tell run double ball screw axial bearing capacity better
  4. Ball screw adopts precision grinding structure
  5. Higher precision
  6. Longer service life

Rotary die

  1. Constant mesh transmission structure of patented technology
  2. Without having to worry about the secondary positioning error and wear and tear
  3. Repetitive positioning accuracy control within 0.03 mm
  4. More to meet the needs of precision machining
  5. Precision turbine worm is used in the main drive system structure
  6. The T axis