Yawei Blanking line

Blanking line

Yawei has launched a new product in category of Automatic type machine, The New Yawei Machine have a technology use electromagnetic stacking machine adopts roll cassette straightening machine structure configuration, ensure the quality of high quality automotive panel, prevent the scratch panel; High speed and high precision feeding system to ensure efficient material utilization.

Electrical Unit

  1. The SIMOTION movement system
  2. Volume of coil diameter wide automatic measurement
  3. Automatic feeding
  4. Automatic wear belt
  5. Tailing closed-loop control
  6. Automatic tail material processing
  7. Mold formula and other special functions
  9. Composed of intelligent network
  10. Through the VPN tunnel
This Stop Cutting Line Machine Have so many Advantages as follows:

Storage unit

  1. Equipment behind the belt conveyor
  2. The received from conveyor belt product
  3. The suspension of feeding to stacking area
  4. Finally through the magnet demagnetization neat pallet
  5. The unit side out of the crib
  6. With functions of automatic counting and digital devices
  7. Communication with PLC
  8. Digital display directly on the man-machine

Stamping unit

  1. Cooperate with scale pinch institutions
  2. Will be set according to the size of the strip in the movement of precision punching blanking

Open book unit

  1. Bearing steel coil to carry on the functions of decoiling
  2. initial wear belt
  3. active decoiling
  4. normal operation
  5. the passive uncoiling