Front View OTN Pressbrake NC Series
Rear View OTN Pressbrake NC Series
Side View OTN Pressbrake NC Series

OTN now launching new model of Press Brake Machine. This Machine already euqipped with Schneider Electrics Box and Stop Fingers also Emergency Footswitch system can guarantee your safety when you use this machine. For the operational this machine use Mould, Clamps, Backgauge, HIWIN Ball Screws, and Germany Bosch-Rexroth Hydraulic System.

This Machine Use Control Screen "E21"

  • Positioning control of back gauge
  • Intelligent positioning control
  • Unilateral and bidirectional positioning which eliminales spindel clerance effectively
  • Retract functions
  • Automatic reference searching
  • One-key parameter backup and restore
  • Fast position indexing
  • 40 programs storage space each program has 25 steps
  • This is standard configuration for Synchronous Torqeu Nc Press Brake

  • Standard two axis control ( Y, X )
  • Mechanical torque synchronization
  • Domestic famous hydraulic integrated system
  • Schneider or Siemens low-voltage electrical
  • Inverter Control Motor Operation
  • Imported seals
  • Ball screw back gauge operation control
  • Standard upper and lower molds (upper inclined block type deflection compensation)
  • Front material supporting frame
  • Selectable E21 or Delem D41